> I presume you are saying that there is some difference with the new
> version.

No this was present in the previous version, however trivial in
comparison to the darkening bug.

> Perhaps a more explicit description would be helpful if a couple
> of sentences could save us downloading a movie. It is also better for the
> list archive since your ogg link may no longer be available in the future.

Okay. When blurring, colours involved in the blur (that is, are under
the brush) seep from the edges of the image, regardless how close
these colours are to the edge. This is not dependant on the colours
and does not happen with any of the blur plugins (even when repeated
over time).

Here is a perfect example:
http://schalken.wubbles.net/gimpblurnearedge2.ogg (you can handle

(or pic: http://schalken.wubbles.net/gimpblurnearedge2.png , it was
originally just a blue square before blurring in the region show)

It is likely to be linked with the way the blur code handles pixels
outside the image (that is, pixels that don't exist). If it decided to
treat these pixels as the average of all the colours under the brush,
then that would produce these exact symptoms.
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