For Bill:

> >    I reported this bug in this list some time ago . . .
> For philosophical questions, it is good to bring them up first
> on this list.  But for actual bugs, in the sense of the
> program doing something that is clearly incorrect, it is
> best to file a Bugzilla report.  The advantage, and disadvantage,
> of Bugzilla is that nothing reported there is ever forgotten --
> and few reports are completely ignored.

Well, I am really tired about reporting bugs at Bugzilla
and not even getting an answer, specially for Fedora bugs.
So tired that I don't even fill bugs anymore, and in fact
planning to abandon Fedora. = DEAD.
But, for what you said, I assume the GIMP Bugzilla is good. 
However, about a year or two ago, I reported a bug in Bugzilla:
the mouse buttons in GIMP main image window do nothing when I have
attached a my Wacom tablet. ONLY in GIMP. This happened with Fedora
4,5,6 (fresh installs), with GIMP stable and devel versions. It is
the only program that I have this problem, and the bug is still

For gg:

> I suspect it got ignored since one pixel offset errors are pretty
> much to be expected.

Well, now this answer was indeed unexpected!
For me this kind of bugs is enough reason to never use a program!!!
You cannot apply a filter with masks if it has shifts!

> I dont recall you mentioning the distortion last time.

I think I did.

> could you provide more instructions to reproduce the error,

Well, cannot tell you more...
Adaptative, nonrecursive, 1 pixel radius, black=7, white=248.
A 5 pixel cross in the middle of a white image,
and I got a NONSYMMETRIC 6 pixel output like this:


If you run it again, and again, you get a cellular automata.

Another: Draw a small diagonal (bottom left to top right) segment, and
despeckle 1 pixel in radius. Repeat Despeckle many times. You will get
a diagonal moving cellular automata.

Of course, I didn't discover this drawing crosses.
I saw the obvious shift during despeckle in a real image.
I removed my .gimpXXX files, and the bug persists.

> I just made a cross ran despeckle and see not difference at all.

Did you use 1 pixel radius?
In fact, the bug is present for any radius, but is hard
to see it for big ones.

For Geert:

> Is this really a bug, a radius 1 will give you a window of 3x3 pixels.

No, I get a nonsymmetric output of 6 pixels.
Only for the devel versions.

> The despeckle filter is a median filter, with a cross five of the
> nine surrounding pixels will yield a medium equal to one of the
> cross pixels.

You cannot get asymmetric output from a symmetric input...



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