[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2007-04-30 at 2137.21 -0300):
> > could you provide more instructions to reproduce the error,
> Well, cannot tell you more...
> Adaptative, nonrecursive, 1 pixel radius, black=7, white=248.
> A 5 pixel cross in the middle of a white image,
> and I got a NONSYMMETRIC 6 pixel output like this:
>  x
> xxx
>  xx

I see what you describe, with the 5 pixels being grey #88888 and the
bg #ffffff. A longer cross (3 pixels each arm plus the center pixel)
also returns something interesting:

   x          x
   x          xx
   x          xx
xxxxxxx -> xxxxxxx
   x        xxxxxx
   x          xx
   x          xx
Repeating the filter makes it grow to the bottom right a bit each

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