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>For Bill:
>Well, I am really tired about reporting bugs at Bugzilla
>and not even getting an answer, specially for Fedora bugs.

Fedora maintainance sucks.  Please don't judge GIMP's bug handling
by Fedora.

>For gg:
>> I suspect it got ignored since one pixel offset errors are pretty
>> much to be expected.
>Well, now this answer was indeed unexpected!
>For me this kind of bugs is enough reason to never use a program!!!
>You cannot apply a filter with masks if it has shifts!

As I wrote before, you are quite correct, and gg is wrong here.
Rounding errors are to be expected every so often, although they
should be fixed when they are found if possible, but a systematic 
1-pixel offset in a filter is a serious bug that must be fixed.

  -- Bill

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