>There is an underlying issue where both origin and offset of a region are  
>stored as gint before any processing is done. This means two rounding  
>and/or trucation errors can easily end up producing a one or two pixel  

Yes, but there are other basic coding errors that can easily cause
a filter to shift its result by one pixel, too.

>I'm rather surprised that anyone following this list should mistake my  
>position since I have been quite critical of just this kind of point, even  
>in the last 7 days.

I actually understood what you *meant*, but what you *said* to
Luis was misleading and needed to be corrected.

>Now Luis has given a specific case and replied to my request for the  
>filter settings needed to reproduce it, it seems to be getting the  
>attention he felt it missed last time.

Well, it's getting attention, but it probably won't get fixed
unless there is a bug report.  By the time people get back from
LGM, all this discussion will have disappeared in Dev-list limbo,
and probably nobody is going to go back and re-read it.  (Unless
you fix it yourself, gg :-)).

  -- Bill


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