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10. better printing support

Paper, maybe better called media, could be handled as special kind of 
layer that is restricted to stay below all image layers (unless hiding 
stuff below it makes any sense).
Allowing n media layers would make working on and comparing several 
alternatives easy, I think.
If all media layers are hidden, zoom best-fit could work on the image, 
otherwise on the media.

But paper alone is not a sufficient model, I fear. There's the thing 
you print on and the final product (after cutting, perhaps) ...
PDF has this media/crop/trim/bleed/art box model. Scary stuff ;)
Better written, but german: http://www.dtp-praxis.de/tipps/pdfboxen.htm

7. save for web

Should include indexing for GIF (mandatory) and PNG (optional).
If one needs to create a number of images in indexed colour mode that 
share some colours and where deviations are not acceptable, there 
should be an alternative to indexing them all as one image to then 
cut them apart.

Thorsten Wilms

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