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> BTW, the dialogs that you consider to be "unnecessary" can already be
> skipped using the Shift key.

Then the perfect solution is that we reverse the logic of that
shift key. Only with the shift key down the dialog is shown.

Our users will be eternally grateful...

> Sure, perhaps not the most intuitive and
> discoverable approach, but it works well for our power users.

Like I said, there is no such thing as intuitive >^}

> And
> sometimes the dialogs are not that unnecessary at all. So we can't  
> just
> remove them. At least not all of them.

After the provocative statements that needed to go in the lgm talk,
I will be incredibly careful about recommending removing any of these.

But if like with the layers dialog, I see zero function 99% of the time,
then I want us to try this out in an early (2.odd.2) development  
wait a month (learning period) and then evaluate if that was the right

> Some UI streamlining is definitely needed, but the solutions aren't
> necessarily as simple as you put them. Actually a lot of what you  
> say in
> your blog entry is well-known and there are bug reports for it  
> already:
> These things are on our TODO for quite a while now. The problem is  
> that
> they are very difficult to implement.

Yes, the top-10 user request shows that on the user side there is a
demand for change. And that the developers are thinking of the same
things will only make it easier for us to go ahead and work together
in the same direction.

But because of the work my team of usability and interaction
professionals has put into this project since October the
status of the issues we are talking about has changed.

Now they are no longer 'anybody's guess', they are official.

And my team is there to work with the developers to find solutions
that can be realised, not pie in the sky. We are also there to
make sure that our dear developer resources are not wasted on
purely cosmetic UI makeover, and to make sure that the described
productivity stoppers do not get shelved as an enhancement, but
are treated as the GIMP-value reducers they are.


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