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> >I thought I did. Think about workflow.
> Then how do you end up selecting an intra-image concept (layers)
> to support the task of putting the actual image itself on another
> medium (paper)?
> If you concentrate on understanding the task, then thinking about
> layers feels wrong within a second, and you can move on to solve
> the problem in another way.

If you concentrate on the can't-be-painted-on and has-to-be-below- 
image-layers aspects only.

But a place at the bottom of the z-order is natural. The medium 
has size like a layer and relative positioning. Hiding/showing 
is surely useful. This plus the chance of making media/positioning 
alternatives available in a straightforward way is what came to my mind.

The slight modification of putting it into a distinct section below 
the layers or if it has to be, it's own panel (which I would place 
below the layer panel by default) might be all that is needed to 
make the difference clear enough.

But I have been thinking aloud. I'm terribly sorry.

> All those concepts fall within GIMP users' awareness and are actually
> named in the blog entry as interrelated textfields that support the
> placement. But they will be handled in the UI in a way that gets
> artistic results done, and not in technical pdf file format terms.

I didn't say those names have to appear in the UI.

> >It doesn't look to me like there is anything to discuss about your
> >solutions model. I would mean this in a bad way if it didn't look like
> >you know what you are doing there and if what I read didn't seem all
> >agreeable.
> What I mean to say is: can you see that all this detail stuff
> does not really matter at this moment, unless one of these details
> invalidates the overall concept?
> This is the way to cut through the jungle of small details, and
> to concentrate on major problems that need to be solved first.

As the overall concept seemed clear to me so far, I though it 
was ok for me to post what your points made me think of. As part 
of going from the general to the more specific. To avoid me forgetting 
about these things, if nothing else.

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