Quoting peter sikking's weblog:

     the focus for GIMP is to work with ‘found’ images;"

I do not understand the reason for this restriction. Myself, I am not  
a painter. I do not use the GIMP for painting but I recognize that  
there are many who do. It seems such a short stretch for the GIMP to  
extend its already powerful paintbox toolset to incorporate other  
painting concepts that I fail to see why development in this direction  
should not be encouraged.

On a similar note, I wish to express a related concern with another  
category of "user" who, in my opinion, is not being sufficiently  
addressed in the current focus on user interface design: the  
developer. In the Free Software universe, the most important users of  
software are the ones who contribute to the project; whether through  
documentation, language translation, meaningful bug reporting, or  
actual programming. It would seem that minimizing the demands on  
potential contributors should be a major focus of proposed changes in  
the GIMP's "user" interface -- I have seen the opposite sentiment  
expressed by Mr Sikking and while I very much appreciate his  
contribution to the GIMP's development, I would that this aspect be  
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