On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:33:28 +0200, guepe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I also noticed a crash happening when checking the "use restart markers"
> and then enabling the "preview" toggle. I found the bug, it is now fully
> working. Maybe this issue has been corrected in dev version, but I
> downloaded the last stable one.
> I sent a first mail with the code source attached, but it has been
> blocked by size.Source code is at : http://p.guepe.free.fr/gimp_jpeg/
> EL
> --

Thanks, nice improvement considering you're new to the code.

The best way to submit a patch is via bugzilla, that way you dont get  
blocked for size and it's the correct place to make submittions. Use the  
mailing list for discussions.

Open a new report about the bug and post your patch as an attachment.

You should really make you patch against the current SVN archive. So that  
it can be readily applied and added to the project. Also avoids fixing  
something someone else may be working on.

There's instructions on gimp.org   http://developer.gimp.org/svn.html

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