guepe writes:
> The Gimp JPEG plug in does not allow to save defaults settings from
> session to session. It does exists for the PNG one (see bug #63610).
> I decided yesterday to write the same thing for jpeg, I submit the
> source code (mainly inspired from the PNG implementation).

That should be a popular patch! It's something that lots of people
have asked for.

> I sent a first mail with the code source attached, but it has been
> blocked by size.Source code is at :

The best way to submit patches is usually to attach them to a
bugzilla bug. Submitting them in a mailing list makes it really easy
for them to get forgotten before anyone has time to review them.

In bugzilla, the main bug on this seems to be
though there's a very similar bug that depends on it,
Probably one of those would be the best place to attach your patch.

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