Le samedi 30 juin 2007 à 19:21 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :
> On Sat, 30 Jun 2007 17:33:28 +0200, guepe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I also noticed a crash happening when checking the "use restart markers"
> > and then enabling the "preview" toggle. I found the bug, it is now fully
> > working. Maybe this issue has been corrected in dev version, but I
> > downloaded the last stable one.
> > I sent a first mail with the code source attached, but it has been
> > blocked by size.Source code is at : http://p.guepe.free.fr/gimp_jpeg/
> > EL
> > --
> Thanks, nice improvement considering you're new to the code.
> The best way to submit a patch is via bugzilla, that way you dont get  
> blocked for size and it's the correct place to make submittions. Use the  
> mailing list for discussions.
> Open a new report about the bug and post your patch as an attachment.
> You should really make you patch against the current SVN archive. So that  
> it can be readily applied and added to the project. Also avoids fixing  
> something someone else may be working on.
> There's instructions on gimp.org   http://developer.gimp.org/svn.html
> HTH.

Ok guys... I finally managed to reimplement my elder code to the svn
one. You can test my patches from the bug page :

Any comment/feedback ?


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