Scott wrote:
> I am so glad that Guillermo stuck by his guns and apparently *finally*
> got the developers to realise the illogic of this "feature". 
Scott: Please keep in mind that I was trying to collaborate, not to fight.
In these cases is very common to see differences of criteria and some 
rough defenses.
Sven and the people working here are using their free time to improve 
gimp, and have no obligation to do what users ask.
I tried to stick in my position because I find this problem to be critic 
(because it implies the undoable destruction of image data).
But remember that Gimp is free software and it grows with collaboration. 
Very frequent conflicts may dilute the enthusiasm of contributors (both 
developers and users).
Anyway I'm glad to have started this thread. I can see that much 
positive things came up, and that was my goal. Not to win, just help to 
address a problem from my non-developer position.

Sven wrote:

> Can we settle this now and get back to work? Thanks.

Yes. This is my last message for this topic. Promess. :-)


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