On Mon, 2007-07-09 at 14:07 -0600, Scott wrote:

> > If more users would be so persistent, as you call it, then there would
> > probably not a single developer left who would feel that developing GIMP
> > is fun. There would probably be noone who would be willing to spend
> > his/her free time on it.
> As I perceived the thread, Guillermo's approach would not take the
> fun out of anything. He merely was pointing out a serious problem with
> the way Gimp implements the 'save' as regards jpeg files; something a
> developer probably never thought of, but something with serious
> adverse consequences to a normal user.

I was refering to your reply which was discouraging and completely
needless. And so was your second reply. The developers think of a lot
more than you can imagine. And we keep listening to our users. A lot of
us are actively monitoring user forums and user mailing-lists. The main
reason that things are the way they are is that no one does the
necessary changes. Asking the users to be more persistent with their
requests is not going to help with that.

And no, Guillermos request wasn't brushed off. It is important to ask
precisely and we have to be careful with changes. The happy user is
silent. If we would do a change every time a user asks for a change,
then GIMP would be a lot more inconsistent and probably also more buggy.
For that reason it is important to double check if a request is valid
and whether a change is really making things better for all users (or at
least the target audience).


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