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> Take an analogy:
> A builder needs to nail a piece of wood as a guide but all the nails he
> has to hand are too big. To get round the problem he takes a couple of
> screws he has in his pocket and hammers them in to tack the guide into
> place.
> Well we all know you should NEVER hammer in a screw but it gets the job
> done. As a high-end builder he uses the tools and materials to hand to get
> the job done with the minimum of wasted time.
> Now imagine he'd just bought the new "high-end" Gimp Hammer, the high-end
> solution for high-end users.
> When he comes to hit his nail he realises the his new high-end hammer has
> a specially crafted end that slips off screw heads because the guy who
> designed it thinks you should NEVER work this way and wants to force his
> work flow to the one and only _correct_ way to do this job.

In this analogy, the new "GIMP Hammer" would auto-provide a nail
(since the nail is clearly better).  The carpenter would flip the GIMP
hammer around and use the other end to drive in the screw.  Since
carpenters are pretty dextrous - high-end ones anyway :) - I think the
carpenter would enjoy the versatility of the GIMP Hammer.

No one in this discussion has ever said anything about removing GIMP's
ability to produce JPEGs.  What (I think) is going on is a discussion
about whether or not "Save" is an appropriate command for an action
that discards data.  IMO opinion this pertains more to the newbies
than anyone else.  Those who've used graphics for some time now
(should) know what we're doing.

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