On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 19:04:59 +0100, David Marrs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As an experiment at work I decided to work on just the one image when "saving 
> for web" and found that I really don't need to do the spot comparisons 
> between 
> images after all. What's more important is the ability to change the quality 
> of 
> a jpeg with minimum faff. It turns out that PS's "save for web" has a couple 
> of 
> flaws in this regard: [...]

I think that Photoshop also does a couple of things in the right way and
I would like to confirm that but I do not have access to PS.  Besides
allowing you to quickly check how changes in quality affect the final
output size, it also automatically changes the way a file is saved
compared to a normal "Save".  I remember reading somewhere that "Save for
Web" was automatically discarding metadata that is not useful for the web
and also allowing you to easily omit ICC profiles and other things that
increase the file size (assuming that web browsers use sRGB).

It would be nice if you or any other Photoshop user could confirm that
"Save for Web" automatically discards metadata.  I am almost sure that it
discards XMP and probably EXIF (at least the thumbnail), but I am not
sure about IPTC.  So if you have an image that contains metadata such as
copyright, author, location, all camera settings and so on, please try to
save it with "Save for Web" and reply to this list saying which of these
fields are preserved in the final output and which of these are discarded.

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