On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 00:52:53 +0200, David Marrs  

> With a "save *selection* for web" feature, steps 3) and 4) could  
> probably be
> omitted altogether for most of the time.
well save for web is a plugin but it probably could be extended to save a  
selection. Sounds like a time saver.

Step 5) is often made
> cumbersome by the
> fact that the default save destination is the last directory used by the
> application. Life would be easier if a web images directory could be set  
> in
> preferences (maybe it can and I don't know about it!).

Yes I find this annoying as well. I always end up having to set the  
destination each time I save something. That may be gtk filechooser (one  
of my pet hates on linux) rather than gimp directly. Even if I open a file  
and want to save_as straight away it seem to want to put is somewhere  
else. The time it takes to log a directory exaserbate this problem as well.

> It's getting late so I'll leave it there. I think I may follow this  
> email up
> with a more fundamental description of what a designer is trying to  
> achieve when
> marking up a concept, if you think it would be useful. Let me know if  
> there are
> other things you want to know. I'd be interested to follow your progress  
> as you
> design this feature.
> Regards,
> Davidm

Some studies were done last year on usage but since the UI is undergoing a  
major design effort now it's probably a good time to point out anything  
that holds you back in your work flow.

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