On 6/26/07, peter sikking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Please don't forget other users :-)  I routinely have a selection
> > that's, say, 10,000 pixels by roughly 40 pixels.  This might not
> > be a usual case for Web graphics...
> an aspect ratio of 1000 to 4. cool.
> at what zoom level(s) do you adjust this selection?
> and why?

At one point a few years ago I was working on very large maps for
MMORPGs stitched together from many smaller images.  It was not
uncommon for me to have a 10000x250 selection.  Not quite what Liam is
doing, but still extreme.  I generally created the selection at about
10x zoom, which meant I had to scroll 100 screens (1024 display width,
10000*10x image width) sideways.  This would be much harder today, as
it seems that GIMP has lost a lot of its old "scroll super fast if i
drag far outside the window" functionality in more recent 2.3 builds.
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