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> On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 20:49:49 +0200,  
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> > I fail to see how I have misused the term "default" in any of this
> > explanation.
> When an image already has a value for jpeg_quality , or any other  
> paramter, replacing this is not providing a default it is a forcing.

I hope that you both read the message in which I was suggesting to
use the terms "default", "original" or "current" depending on where
some values come from.  As I explained in that message, the
"original" value (read from the file) will usually override any
"default" value (coming from GIMP or from the plug-in).

However, some plug-ins do not even attempt to read the "original"
value for some parameters because for some file formats it does not
make sense to re-use the same values as in the original file.

For JPEG quality, I think that it is best to do as in Tor's patch:
if the "original" value is higher than the "default", then use that.
Otherwise, use the "default" so that the user is not surprised to
have a file saved with a lower quality than expected.

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