On Tue, 2007-07-24 at 16:47 +0200, Stefan Roellin wrote:

> I think the current implementation of the print plugin is fine, i.e.
> generate the PDF with opaque images. If someone needs to have a PDF with
> images with alpha values, it would be possible to write a 'save-as-pdf
> plugin' similar to the print plugin that uses also gtk_print_*
> functionality. I think that even layers could be embedded into the PDF. I
> could (try to) write such a plugin.

I wouldn't base this on GtkPrint but directly on Cairo. GtkPrint just
adds funtionality to deal with printers, it wouldn't offer any advantage
if you are just creating a PDF file.

> So, there the question remains whether someone would use this?

Export to PDF has often been requested. It would be particularly
interesting if it could contain text layers as PDF text elements. We are
missing some additions to the PDB text API to make this possible. But
the missing API could be added (after 2.4 of course).


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