icc> Well, I am afraid of the GIMP's future. It seems that the "restrict users 
and remove functionality" mindset is prevalent among the current GIMP men of 
influence. The often harmful HIG rules the
icc> day. The useful after-delay for taking screenshot is removed. This is not 
only just pain in the ass for the power-users, but it sends a message to anyone 
who would like to hack on the GIMP and
icc> bring new, useful, but not simple, features. But this is only the 
beginning. GUI nazis has been hired to work on the GIMP. I have read their blog 
and their messages. In horror. They are talking
icc> about removing features which are critical to any serious pixel pushing 
aplication - layer modes. And more. The GIMP is on the slippery slope of the 
way to become crippleware.

icc> Well, if that is the case, we need a new application. Power-user friendly, 
not caring about grand-mas and their fear of advanced features. We need an 
application with interface which is to
icc> newbies as much confusing and incomprehensible as the Blender's interface 
is. But such an interface brings features - and for a power-user willing to 
learn it is much more usable than the
icc> interface crippled down to appeal to newbies.

icc> But there is no point in developing such an application from sratch if we 
have the GIMP, under GPL, which already went at least half the way to become 
the great pixel pushing application. Lets
icc> fork it. But I want to discuss it first with the developers here, anybody 
interested to go that way?

icc> Mist

I'm afraid that gimp project is too big to easily redesign it. You
probably overestimate your capabilities or underestimate others. I've
seen a lot of projects started with passion and ended because
of lack of programmers or motivation.  Cinepaint seems to stuck and look what
happened to Gimpshop too.

However there are some positive changes in gimp
for example color management, one-window option on windows,
new selection tool and others.

In my personal opinion gui should be redesigned to MDI
Why ? As a Windows user I'm tired of problems with vanishing
windows (one-window option) not to mention that work without
one-window option
makes Gimp unusable on windows platform. I have tried Gimp 2.0 and
uninstalled it, then 2.2 and the same, 2.4 is the first usable version
of Gimp on Windows.

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