> Well, I am afraid of the GIMP's future. [...]

Hi Mist

What you describe is completely alien to me.

In my experience, the developers are relatively open minded to changes 
and improvements. It often only takes a good-quality patch.

Also, I think that the UI work that has been put into GIMP, both 
research-wise and coding-wise, is definitely in the right direction, and 
exactly what GIMP needs.

You can of course fork GIMP if you wish, but there is absolutely no 
point in calling people nazis.

However, instead of forking, I think you should consider to join the 
GIMP team. Fix some bugs, let us get to know you, hang around in #gimp 
on irc.gnome.org. That way, your input will have more weight, and you 
will be able to influence the general direction GIMP is taking.

GIMP is surrounded by a bunch of *very* skilled developers, and I think 
open source image editing would benefit as a whole much more if you 
decided to contribute to GIMP, instead of making a fork.

- Martin Nordholts, GIMP developer

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