> Well, I am afraid of the GIMP's future. It seems that the "restrict users and 
> remove functionality" mindset is prevalent among the current GIMP men of 
> influence. The often harmful HIG rules the day. The useful after-delay for 
> taking screenshot is removed. This is not only just pain in the ass for the 
> power-users, but it sends a message to anyone who would like to hack on the 
> GIMP and bring new, useful, but not simple, features. But this is only the 
> beginning. GUI nazis has been hired to work on the GIMP. I have read their 
> blog and their messages. In horror. They are talking about removing features 
> which are critical to any serious pixel pushing aplication - layer modes. And 
> more. The GIMP is on the slippery slope of the way to become crippleware.
Even though you are free disagree on the current direction of the 
application or not (that actually is a direction for a change), please 
don't call people nazis.
- Andreas
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