I originally intended to submit this in Bugzilla, but let's discuss
this here first:

One of the changes from GIMP 2.2 to 2.4 is the streamlining of some
tools and removal of some annoying tool pop-ups that were breaking
the workflow and stealing the focus from the canvas.  The pop-up is
gone from the Crop tool but is still present in the transform tools.

However, as noted by one user on IRC today, this has also removed the
big "Crop" button that existed previously in the pop-up.  Although
there is now a status bar message that says "Click or press Enter to
crop" once the crop rectangle has been defined, it seems that some
users still expect to see some kind of button somewhere.  This issue
may also affect other tools such as the transform tools if we also get
rid of their pop-ups.

One idea would be to put such a button in the status bar, just like
the Cancel button that appears when a plug-in displays its progress
information.  This could be done for all tools that have a state in
which some actions should be confirmed (some selection tools,
transform tools, etc.)  But other solutions may also be possible,
unless we close this issue as WONTFIX.

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