Clicking inside the cropped region also implements the action. It's actually a 
feature I'm not sure I like because it deviates from the rectangle tool's 
implementation of the same action - to hide the handles. Well, I don't know if 
that's what the implementation is technically but that's what it effectively 
does and it's what I use it for. So my instinct with the crop tool is to do the 
same thing, to get a feel for how the crop might look. and it goes ahead and 
performs the action before I'm ready for it to. Undo fixes the problem but it's 
still annoying.

I like the idea of an "accept" button to the right or left of the status bar. I 
don't think most users would think to look in the properties dialogue for the 
action and there's really no other logical place for it to go. I seem to 
remember buttons being in there for other tasks. I would presume that most 
who don't know the keyboard controls aren't going to hide the status bar.

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