K A long time ago I thought it might be interesting to add some functions
similar to what is available in Coral Draw and some paint programs.

 Now to get this straight I have already been told by Gimp-Dev that this is
a different type of graphics handing vector etc.

 The purpose of this mailing list thread is to discuss what features we can
possibly add to Gimp or create plug ins for new functionality.
Another note is a long time ago I did not know how to use future and played
around with Coral draw and made a flier headline which was pretty impressive
as I have never used that program before that. Now to make things totally
clear I am not saying add the coral draw image handling to Gimp but rather
try to discuss what can be possibly added to Gimp to expand its image
handling abilities and also to identify any gimp shortcomings.

 Another purpose pertains to straying from the Photoshop type environment. I
am thinking of adding stuff that would be useful for a developer of any kind
where the user can do stuff with Gimp that they would not be able to do with

 The functions I am thinking of consist of adding a few things like being
able to draw lines and possibly shapes if the graphics manipulation type
will support it. Also A long time ago I used to play with Paint shop and
found that I could do amazing stuff pertaining to the color management. The
way it was set up allowed for incredible abilities in color manipulation.

 The end function of this discussion is to identify and add manipulation
abilities that are not available in Photoshop to the point where a Gimp user
has a significant advantage over using Photoshop.

 Warmest Regards
aka: Omnios.
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