Tomasz Witko wrote:
>  Hi k I would really like to get involved with this and I am also a active
> member of the Ubuntu Forum and Multiple Ubuntu and Linux development
> projects.
> The problem I am having is that other than using Gimp for image
> manipulation, image creation, and doing lots of Gimp animations.gif 's. K
> the problem here Is other than using Gimp I have no idea about Gimps,s base.
> If someone can recommend some reading material to the inner working of Gimps
> I might be able to get up to speed. Other than that I have no idea on what
> to discuss pertaining to Gimp additions.

 From your previous mails I am prejudicially going to assume that you 
are not a coder, so what do you mean with "inner workings of GIMP"?

If you *are* a coder, I apologize, and would love to help you out. The 
best way to get going is to check out the GIMP source code

   svn co gimp

and start fixing some bugs from

- Martin Nordholts
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