Michael wrote:
> Yet another Wiki?
Yes, and I'll call it YAW :-p

Maybe a wiki isn't the best choice. Maybe a forum with one 
feature/functionality proposal per thread.
I don't want to create a place where people can rant about what features 
has Photoshop and Gimp doesn't, but a place to propose enhancements 
Put the previous thread about the redesign of Hue/Saturation tool as an 
example. If somebody has an idea for an enhancement, they could start a 
thread with the usage scenario, details of the functionality needed and 
mockups, and other people interested could help to fine-tune the 
proposal. Even a voting system could help to track the popularity of the 
Then, with a complete description of the feature, we can come back to 
this list or forward the results to the gui.gimp.og people for an expert 
final evaluation.
This could help to keep this list clean, and developers would be asked 
for enhancements just when the information is organized and pre-selected.
This forum (or whatever it will be) would be moderated to keep only 
clear proposals and avoid pointless discussions (or at least take them 
to an open chat forum).

What do you ppl think about it?
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