Simon Budig wrote:
> Barton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I've been doing a little python-fu lately and find that in 2.3.18 
>> stroking paths uses vector objects.  So far I haven't turned up any 
>> practical examples of the use of the various pdb vectors functions in 
>> the source or on the Web, nor had any success through trial and error.
>> Could someone point me to documentation for the pdb vectors procedures 
>> and/or post a brief sample python-fu snippet that creates a circular 
>> path and then draws a circle by stroking the path/vector?
> Here is a simple script-fu script to construct an circle and stroke it,
> It should be possible to convert it to python easily.
> Note that you right now cannot control every aspect of stroking, since
> the gimp context does not yet store stuff like e.g. a dash pattern.
Thanks Simon, that is exactly what I was after.  After I've had a chance 
to translate scheme->python and try some things out I'll feed it back to 
the list.

Have a good one,

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