Simon Budig wrote:
> Barton ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> I've tried translating the draw_circle script-fu to python, and also 
>> checked the script-fu itself in my 2.3.18 installation without success;  
>> the circular path is created but it isn't stroked. 
>> Simon, did you write your sample script-fu for 2.3.19?
> I created it for the current svn version. It shouldn't be a that big
> difference, but I found a bug while writing it, which is fixed in
> current SVN - this bug created artefacts in the created stroke, but you
> should get a visible somethign.
> Make sure that the context you're using for stroking is set up correctly
> and make sure you're not stroking white on white or whatever.

Ok, testing your scheme script-fu again with a few additional settings 
does turn up a different result.  Apparently the stroke is being made 
with the background color though the pdb for gimp-edit-stroke-vectors says:

"This procedure strokes the specified vectors object, painting along the 
path with the active brush and foreground color"

That's the gotcha that got me on this one.  Another minor issue is that 
immediately after running draw_circle, the stroke appears in the layer 
dialog but it does not appear in the image itself unless you toggle the 
layer's visibility off and on.  So far I haven't gotten the python 
version to draw anything yet but I'll let you know if I get it figured out.


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