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> Most of the problems involve consecutive use of polygonal selection an other 
> selection tools.
> E.g. I made a rectangular selection. Now I changed my mind and want to cut 
> little triangles into the selection.
> However the only way to do this is to use the path tool right from the 
> beginning.

I often find myself using the free selection tool to cut polygonal
holes in a selection, one side at a time -- if you draw an arc with
the free selection tool, gimp connects the endpoints, so you make
those endpoints two vertices of the polygon, and eventually you
get there.

It's not entirely true to say you had to have used paths from the start,
since you can save the first selection to a channel, make the new one
with paths, including an approximate, much larger outer rectangle,
and then convert to selection and intersect with the saved selection.


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