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> Quoting Liam R E Quin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > It's not entirely true to say you had to have used paths from the start,
> > since you can save the first selection to a channel, make the new one
> > with paths, including an approximate, much larger outer rectangle,
> > and then convert to selection and intersect with the saved selection.
> >
> GIMP 2.4 (RC2) allows you to add/subtract/intersect a path  
> to/from/with the selection by using the SHIFT/CTRL/(SHIFT+CTRL) keys  
> when you hit ENTER (or click on the "Create Selection from Path"  
> button in the Tool Options).

Right, which is what I usually do in fact, but I wanted to point
out that if you've already made a complex selection, e.g. that took
half an hour to create, and now you want to subtract some polygons,
you don't have to start over.


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