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> On Wed, 29 Aug 2007 19:25:01 +0400, "Alexandre Prokoudine"
<alexandre.prokoudine <at> gmail.com> wrote:
> > Say, I need to select a region and move it.
> > 
> > Documentation clearly states: "Click-and-drag then allows you to move
> > the selection and its contents, while the initial position remains
> > empty."
> > 
> > That bit of docs probably belongs to 2.2, but definitely not to 2.4:
> Yes, the behavior has changed during the 2.3.x development.  Clicking
> without modifiers will now always start a new selection.  With 2.2 and
> previous versions, some users complained about the different behavior
> of the selection tools if you were clicking inside or outside an
> existing selection.
> > While paste in place and under cursor definitely belong to 2.6, I
> > wonder if the move selection with its contents feature got lost due to
> > all the changes to rectangular tools.
> Yes, there is:
>  - Alt+Ctrl moves the selected pixels.
>  - Alt+Shift moves a copy of the selected pixels.

With 2.4.0-rc2, I get this behaviour:

After selecting a region, I can resize and move the selection by dragging the
mouse within the selection. When I press either Alt+Ctrl or Alt+Shift, I can
start a new selection within the old one. I have not found a way yet to actually
move the pixels (except cut-and-paste).


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