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> On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 17:21 +0200, Christian Henz wrote:
> [...]
>> Ah, okay that seems to work, thank you. This is even less convenient  
>> than the cut-and-paste
>> solution though :-/
> You can also "float selection", I think control-shift-L by default,
> and then move it.
> Liam

All these magic keystrokes seem pretty much essential to a lot of these  
features and without that knowlege Gimp looses a lot of functionality.

Is all this documented in any one central place? I mean without trawling  
the entire documentation of gimp from A-Z and making notes with a pen and  

This seems to be a recurrent kind of question where someone cant do  
something and suggests an improvement or feature request and then someone  
else replies "why don't you just press cntl-alt-shift-F8-Enter while  
holding down the right mouse button. It already does what you want."

This is all horrible obscure but a table resuming all functional  
combinations would be a centralised resourse that would be a great help to  
discovering many of these features that otherwise get missed.

Having been made aware of a feature that seems to be relevant the user  
could then consult the doc on that particular tool to get the full story.

Maybe it exists and I've missed it.

regards, gg.
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