Gimp 2.4 is great!

On roadmaps: could enhancement requests be grouped by category somewhere?
Going through the list of enhancement proposals in Bugzilla is rather
awkward to say the least.

I do like how some programs have used a wiki, like Firefox 3 and Inkscape.
 Eventually, for Gimp, each wiki entry could link to a bugzilla entry. 

There can be the following categories for example:
- Architecture (GEGL, and resulting features such as grouped layers and
- GUI (with links to that GUI brainstorming blog by the way)
- New [insert tool] options (ex: new paint options, I think it could be a
good idea to list the tools individually or by category: selection tools,
paint tools, etc)
- New tools
- New filters
- New whatever
- Color and format support: CMYK, obscure file formats, etc.
- Inter-compatibility: Photoshop gradients, palettes, actions, .psd files,
.psp files, enhanced inter-compatibility with other open-source drawing
programs such as Inkscape, etc.

After that, a target can be set for individual features ("2.6,"
"undefined"). Then a separate list can be compiled to show just the
features currently being worked on for the next release.

Truth be told, I'd be glad to wait off any visible feature additions if
work on GEGL progresses, as to my understanding it is necessary in order
to implement some really handy interface enhancements such as grouped
layers and grouped brushes. 

I'm also pro-shorter development cycles by the way. I really like how
Ubuntu handles this for example: the new release doesn't bring a
revolution in terms of new features, but it Does bring one or two new
features that makes your life much easier, and just for that, people are
happier. The single feature I had been waiting for a long time in Gimp 2.4
for example is brush scaling. If Gimp 2.6 were to come out fast with
nothing but layer and brush groups as new features, I'm sure people would
be very happy rather than complain about a rushed release with not enough
new features. I've seen an article put it as "Not biting off more than
they can chew."

> so far we didn't have a well-defined development roadmap. I would like
> to propose that this is changed for GIMP 2.6 and beyond. Hopefully this
> can help to acomplish two goals:
>  - GIMP 2.6 should not take too long to develop
>  - we will get more developers
> Before we start the discussion of the roadmap, perhaps we should talk
> about how we should go about getting to a roadmap. Should we do it on
> this list, do we want to use a Wiki, Bugzilla or anything like that?
> IMO it would be best if people proposed features here so that they can
> be discussed on the list. We should then collect these proposals
> somewhere and try to decide on milestones for them later. It would
> probably help if we try to be strict bout only proposing a single
> feature per mail.
> What do you think?
> Sven

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