A change in file formats should be postponed until a bump in the major  
version number takes place (per GNU coding standards?). But my  
proposal of adding parasites containing layer group meta-data to files  
saved in the current XCF standard is indeed merely an interim  
solution, permitting time for a new format to be decided upon (not an  
insignificant task in itself).

Quoting Alexandre Prokoudine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> On 10/26/07, saulgoode wrote:
>> Finally, there should be an effort to maintain integrity of the XCF
>> file format by converting between the core implementation of layer
>> groups and parasites attached to drawables during saves and loads of
>> XCF files (older GIMP versions would read the files but lose the layer
>> grouping information).
> IIRC, it was planned to nuke current XCF at some stage of development
> in favour of an XML based file format (XCF2, OpenRaster, whatever).

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