Sven Neumann escribió:

> How is that different? We already have detachable tabs in the GIMP user
> interface. So why are you asking if this is possible?

I know there are tabs wich are detachable already. I was talking about 
the way that Opera as well as QT apps can manage different views of the 
tabbed windows.
In Firefox you have tabbed windows or a new window (with the whole 
chrome and buttons). In QT apps and Opera you can do the same, but also 
you can display views of the tabbed windos (as cascade or tiles).
That results in a sort of window in window interface. That's what I 
asking if it is possible in GTK. Not just the tabs.
That's why Alexandre posted the link to CurlyAnkles too.

> Making it possible to have several images in one image window using tabs
> would be a nice improvement, IMO. It needs some thoughts on the details
> but perhaps this can be done off-list to that we can concentrate on
> getting the roadmap for 2.6 done?
Ok, let's follow it in the IRC channel.

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