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>    From: "Christopher Curtis" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    >    From: Micahel Grosberg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>    >>    here's the mockup (I made it long ago):
>    >>    http://www.geocities.com/preacher_mg/UI_gimp_menu.png
>    I think the easiest way is with a "last-clicked" policy.  The GIMP
>    would hint to the user which image was active by either shading
>    inactive images (eg, making their rulers darker) or highlighting
>    the active image (eg, making the menu button brigher).  Perhaps
>    both of these concepts could be added to the mockup; currently it
>    looks like there are 5 active windows.
> So then what happens if I'm using focus strictly follows mouse and I
> put the mouse over another window (giving it focus)?  What if I don't
> click in the window, but do type a key (select a tool, for example)?

Don't focus on the word 'click'.  This has nothing to do with pointer
focus.  It's simply that the menu applies to the last image you did
something with.  And when you read "did something with", think
"clicked on" and not "moved mouse over".  Changing a tool or tool
option does not change what image you're working on.  The GIMP already
does something similar with the layers dialog.

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