Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 13:02 +0100, Andrea Olivotto wrote:
>> - Please, a more dense curve. Better if user can select 4 or 8 lines.
> It would be nice if you could explain why the current grid isn't dense
> enough and how exactly a more dense grid would be useful.
>> - Please, draw in the background the baseline (45°). It's a very
>> useful reference, more visible than looking to the vertex of the grid.
> In my opinion this would be very distracting. I can imagine that a
> denser grid would also make it easier to see the diagonal. So perhaps
> just adding a few more grid lines would make this obsolete?
The grid and the baseline are useful reference. Curves corrrections are
very small, because small deviations from the baseline have great impact
on the image change. So, when I made a simple S curve to increase
contrast, I'm playing... within some pixels!
A denser grid and a baseline is useful. I'm using Photoshop as well
(check th figures of my article on curves, and when you are
used to its curve window... I think it's a simple improvement. If you
think it could be distracting (for an inexperienced used), make it
configurable via two checkboxes.

>> - Like levels, when you pass the mouse over the current image, show the 
>> luminosity position on the curve, something like a small circle running 
>> thru the curve (like Photoshop). This is very very very useful, to see 
>> where are some particulas ares of the image on the curve. Without the 
>> feature, it's not so simple to design a correct curve.
> GIMP already does this. Just click into the image with the Curves tool
> active. Also try using the Shift and Ctrl modifier keys.
Ops! I will try as soon as possible!

Many thanks again,



Andrea Olivotto

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