since I don't seem to be getting to do it myself, I want to propose the
details of the task list / roadmap that I would like to see published on
www.gimp.org. Perhaps with your help it can be done...

We discussed the roadmap here over the last few weeks and during that
discussion a lot of development tasks have been proposed. I think many
of them are in a state where we can say that we definitely want to
implement this feature or do this change at some point. In my opinion it
would be nice if we could collect these tasks into a list. This task
list can then also serve the role of a roadmap.

I imagine a list of tasks with short descriptions and a pointer to a bug
report with more details. If no bug report exists yet, we should either
create one or add a note that it still needs to be created.

We should also mention if a UI specification is needed for a task. If it
has even been written already, we should link to it.

For the tasks where this is applicable, the list should also mention a
tentative milestone. If someone is already working on it or has
expressed to do so in this development cycle, his/her name should be

Does this sound reasonable? Is there anything I missed? Any volunteers
to work on this list?

I hope that such a public task list can help to attract new developers.
And I hope that it can show that development is active and into which
direction it is steering.


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