I think I probably would be able to come pretty close to turning
the list that Chris Mohler created into a more-or-less complete
2.6 roadmap, with one exception:  I haven't been following the
developments concerning gegl.  I wonder, then, whether the
people involved in developing gegl and applying it to gimp
could comment on whether the following is okay:


GEGL integration

- write adapter/proxy functions/objects which enable GEGL graphs to
read/write from/to GIMP PixelRegions
- remove all color correction code from app/base and use GEGL
operators instead
-  if feasible in the time frame, abstract some common color
correction base API out of the above step and implement a simple color
correction paint tool
- look for more isolated spots that would allow us to get rid of legacy code 
in favor of GEGL operators.


  -- Bill
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