Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> the GIMP project has a steady flow of donations coming in. Not much, but
> the amount has increased since the 2.4 release was made and since the
> website features the "Make a Donation" button more prominently.
> Until now we have spent this money mainly on the annual GIMP developers
> conference which has taken place at the Library Graphics Meeting in the
> last years. We have also spent a small amount of money on hardware (if
> Yosh ever collected this money at all).
> I think this is good and we should continue to use the money in this
> spirit. We urgently have to get new hardware for and the
> next LGM is coming. But I estimate that we should have some money left.
> So let's discuss how to use it.


I also think the current use of the donations (for the annual GIMP
developers conference and hardware) is a good use and this should not be

If there are money to spare however I think we should experiment with
alternate ways to use it.

For quite some time I have thought about setting up a system that would
allow donors to donate money to a specific feature, e.g. donate money to
implement a Polygonal Selection Tool. The money in this Polygonal
Selection Tool Pool would eventually raise to rather interesting levels,
 and the person that provides a patch that implements this tool would be
eligible to collect the money in that pool.

Now, I have not found the time to make such a system, and I doubt I ever
will in the near future.

My idea here is that we could use the extra money as bounties for
implementing long requested and not too complicated features, or maybe
even fixing some selected bugs. There are of course millions of ways
this could work, but I suggest something along the lines of:

  1. A bounty is announced for doing thing X
  2. A person submits a patch saying it provides thing X
  3. The patch is reviewed and if it does thing X in a pleasing way, the
     patch is commited and the bounty is rewarded.

If many persons submits a patch, the submitter of the first patch that
is good enough for commiting (maybe after some code cleanups) is
rewarded with the bounty.

I have no idea how well this would work in practice, but I am pretty
sure this also would be a way of stimulating getting work done.

Martin Nordholts
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