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> Hello Sven,
> thanks for the link and the help.
> there is a thing that i don't understand, my script is opening the file
> and so the thumbnail
> is generated by Gimp automaticly when closing gimp.
> I thought using gimp-file-save-thumbnail would be faster and uses less
> memory then opening
> the files like i did. But now i read the documentation and see to use
> gimp-file-save-thumbnail
> i have to open the file first to get the image ID.
> So my question is: Is there an advantage using gimp-file-save-thumbnail?

As Liam suggested ImageMagick is a command line tool intended for  
precisely the sort of processing you are trying to do and will certainly  
be much lighter and faster than a full GUI image processing program like  
gimp. You could get your script to use gimp for (rare) cases like xcf  
format where you dont have an option.





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