thanx to all for the feedback and help.


This sounds nice, i will check it out. I'm trying now to create a
automatic thumbnailer 
( like http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/OpenDocument_Thumbnails
and if it done i will write a small plugin called "Browse Images" that
will open Nautilus with the
directory of the opened image. If none image is loaded it will open the
home directory. 
My Script generates at the moment only for PSD, RGB and XCF files
thumbnails, that i have
toch change too.

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Am Montag, den 03.12.2007, 19:20 +1030 schrieb David Gowers:

> Hi Eckhard,
> On Dec 2, 2007 6:15 AM, Eckhard M. J├Ąger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >
> >  Hello,
> >
> >  i got the idea to create a python script thats generate the thumbnails of
> > unsupported images in nautilus using gimp.
> >  Implementing this in Gimp and in Nautilus.
> >
> >  I studied the commandline options ( -n, -a, -i, -d, -f, -s )of gimp and do
> > not know if it is possible. Am i right i have to load and unload
> >  all the images of a directory to get gimp generating an thumbnail or is
> > there a better way?
> I recommend you to use gimp-console instead of gimp; The GUI is
> irrelevant to what you're doing.
> Briefly, you need to:
> 1. Load the image
> 2. Generate the thumbnail
> 3. Delete the image from memory (using gimp-image-delete)
> for each image in the list of images.
> For a start, invoking gimp-console once for each image is fine.
> Later I suggest you run gimp-console only once, for greatly increased
> speed (make gimp's scripting loop over the files, rather than your
> scripting.). You could do this very easily if you can rely on
> gimp-python being installed on the users' machines, and use that
> instead of Script-Fu. (you can also write a loop in Script-fu, but I
> have very little idea HOW.)
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