On Nov 30, 2007 9:10 AM, Gary Pikula wrote:

> Example 1: Gimp wiki (Wilbur's wiki) This wiki uses your own software, while
> the common user is used to mediawiki software.

The common user isn't. While mediawiki is quite popular indeed (mainly
because of wikipedia), there is a fair number of wiki engines that are
widely used (e.g. dokuwiki). And being administrator of two mediawiki
installations I can tell you that mediawiki sucks in so many ways that
I would be the very first person to object using it for GIMP's
website. I can argue about it till I'm blue in the face, but you
probably wouldn't want to see that happening in this mailing list or
anywhere at all. I wouldn't, for my part :)

> It is largely the same story with the gimp user group forums.

Since when does GIMP has just ONE user forum? I know several ones.

> Everyone is used to phpbb forums

Who is that "everyone"? Also, popular != good. PhpBB has a long
history of being insecure.

> The average user has never used a mailing list before as well and feels
> uncomfortable with them, take that into more consideration.

I'd like to finally see a document that states that you are granted
rights to provide such vague statements.

> This has created 2 major problems.
> 1. TheGimp is no longer comparable to photoshop or corel.

Totally unrelated

> I recommend putting together an extremely detailed feature list of both 
> products

You are free to start it, if you care so much about competition. From
what I remember, GIMP developers are not interested in competing with
anyone. You are probably missing the whole point of open source
software development.

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