Michael Schumacher wrote:
>> Von: Daniel Falk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Also, if you are a user with a 1 time issue or question, 
>> subscribing to a mailing list is overkill, whereas signing up for a 
>> forum is easier and you don't get the mail volume.
> ... and this is the reason why so many questions are asked multiple times on 
> forums.
Not on forums that are administered well.  I've seen forums that have 
strict rules against such things and that works surprisingly well.  They 
also put sticky topics in the forums that appear on top that have 
frequently repeated questions.  Even so, it's the ones who answer the 
questions who are most annoyed by seeing the same questions over again.  
For the user, the friendliest thing is to allow such questions, not that 
I'm advocating it.  My point is that what works for the developers seems 
to be different from what works for the users.

>> To the people who like mailing lists: what mail client do you like to 
>> use that handles mailing lists well?  I would like to use one that lets 
>> me watch or ignore threads at least.  That's probably the biggest gripe 
>> with them at the moment.
> I do assume that you should start looking for console-based ones, they are 
> more likely to be used and influenced by people who prefer to work 
> efficiently. mutt, maybe?
I prefer to work efficiently with a gui actually (Don't laugh!).  
Anybody know of a good gui option?

 I might look at mutt for mailing lists though and see how it turns 
out.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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