I find myself doing Edit->Stroke pretty often, and there are a few easy changes
that I think would make it signficantly better.

1) The most important is that the dialog should not go away after the Stroke
button is pushed.  It often takes several tries to get the settings right, and
it is very annoying to have to bring the dialog back each time.  The gain in
usability would easily be worth the cost of an extra button-click to close the
dialog, in my opinion.

2) The default for "Dash preset" should be "Line" rather than "Custom".  This
is just obviously wrong.  Also, it shouldn't be called "Dash preset", but
rather "Line style", and the expander should be named something different, such
as "Stroke settings".

3) The "Dash preset" (or whatever it is called) control is by far the most
important in the expander, and should be at the top.  In fact, I think it
should be out of the expander, since a user *always* wants to know what type of
line will be rendered.

These changes would take me less than an hour to implement, I believe,
and I would like to do it.

I filed a Bugzilla request for this; Sven asked me to bring it up here instead.
The reason I tried Bugzilla is that as far as I can see, when things get
brought up on this list, they never get resolved.  They get discussed
(sometimes); a few people are in favor, a few people are opposed;
and it just drags on without any decision emerging.  In Bugzilla,
at least a bug report sits there visibly until some resolution is reached.
Even so, let's give it another try...

  -- Bill
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