William Skaggs writes:
> I find myself doing Edit->Stroke pretty often, and there are a few easy 
> changes
> that I think would make it signficantly better.
> 1) The most important is that the dialog should not go away after the Stroke
> button is pushed.  It often takes several tries to get the settings right, and
> it is very annoying to have to bring the dialog back each time.  The gain in
> usability would easily be worth the cost of an extra button-click to close the
> dialog, in my opinion.

Certainly a full-size preview would be quite useful.  Like you, I
find that I usually Stroke several times trying to find the right
brush size (I usually stroke with the paintbrush tool, for its

It wouldn't have to require an extra click: make the dialog offer
a "Preview" button as well as OK. People who are sure they have
the right settings can click OK, everyone else can use Preview first.

Your other suggestions sound reasonable, but I seldom change the
line style so they're not burning issues to me.

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