I agree with all of your suggestions. I would assume that changes made in
the dialog would update the stroke interactively and, hopefully, that the
path could be reshaped while the dialog remained open. This would be very

> I find myself doing Edit->Stroke pretty often, and there are a few easy
> changes that I think would make it signficantly better.
> 1) The most important is that the dialog should not go away after the
> Stroke button is pushed.  It often takes several tries to get the
> settings right, and it is very annoying to have to bring the dialog back
> each time.  The gain in usability would easily be worth the cost of an
> extra button-click to close the dialog, in my opinion.
> 2) The default for "Dash preset" should be "Line" rather than "Custom".
> This is just obviously wrong.  Also, it shouldn't be called
> "Dash preset", but rather "Line style", and the expander should be named
> something different, such as "Stroke settings".
> 3) The "Dash preset" (or whatever it is called) control is by far the most
> important in the expander, and should be at the top.  In fact, I think it
> should be out of the expander, since a user *always* wants to know what
> type of line will be rendered.
> These changes would take me less than an hour to implement, I believe,
> and I would like to do it.
>   -- Bill

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