On Sat, 2007-12-08 at 17:51 +0000, William Skaggs wrote:

> 1) The most important is that the dialog should not go away after the Stroke
> button is pushed.  It often takes several tries to get the settings right, and
> it is very annoying to have to bring the dialog back each time.  The gain in
> usability would easily be worth the cost of an extra button-click to close the
> dialog, in my opinion.

We don't do this kind of "Apply" thing anywhere in GIMP. I think it
would be rather inconsistent and confusing if we start to do it for some
dialogs. Since the dialog already remembers all settings, I don't really
see what you want to achieve with this change. Perhaps it just needs to
be made easier to bring up the dialog again?

> 2) The default for "Dash preset" should be "Line" rather than "Custom".  This
> is just obviously wrong.

Well, you would have to add logic then that changes it to Custom as soon
as the user edits the custom dash pattern. And you would have to
remember that setting also. When we did that dialog we decided that it's
just not worth the hassle.

> Also, it shouldn't be called "Dash preset", but
> rather "Line style", and the expander should be named something different, 
> such
> as "Stroke settings".

Hmm, "Stroke settings" doesn't tell me anything while "Line Style" seems
to be a good description of the contents of the expander. The line style
does however include a lot more than just the dash pattern.

> 3) The "Dash preset" (or whatever it is called) control is by far the most
> important in the expander, and should be at the top.  In fact, I think it
> should be out of the expander, since a user *always* wants to know what type 
> of
> line will be rendered.

My guess is that the user almost always wants a line. Using a dash
pattern is rather uncommon, isn't it? But yes, perhaps moving it to the
top would help.


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